The 11 attractions you shouldn't miss in Spain in 2021

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Whether you’ve been to Spain before or are a first time visitor, Gastro Cult has the ultimate experiences within your reach designed with a bespoke feel in mind. The Iberian peninsula is more than just flamenco, bullfighting, and world-famous jámon.

It has astounding gastronomy, spectacular coastlines, rich cultural pickings, vast history, Old-World heritage and charm, and people who know how fortunate they are to call Spain home.

We are proud to present our 11 most unique choices for first-class, luxurious experiences in Spain this year that will cater to your every whim and need. Be prepared to fall in love with the Mediterranean country that has it all and will inspire your return again and again.

According to Gastro Cult travelers, these are the unique experiences you can not miss in 2021

Galicia: Travel to the End of the World

The so-called 'End of the World' or Finis Terrae in Galicia, Spain

For something completely different, head to the Northwestern heartland of the Celtic influence in Spain to Galicia.

It didn’t just attract Gwyneth Paltrow on her program touring around Spain with Mario Batali for gastronomical joys without reason.

The beauty of this experience is having your own private vehicle at your disposal for a full day as well as a fully guided tour to Finis Terrae, the finishing point of the El Camino, The Way of St.James.

This pilgrimage is world-famous and to do this route from France is a spectacular experience in its own right.

But you won’t need to tread as far! Most people know that the pilgrims stop at the cathedral Santiago de Compostela, and witness the breathtaking ‘swinging of the incense’ which is heart-stoppingly poignant.

But what many don’t know is that pilgrims must continue their journey to Finis Terrae, Latin for The End of The World. During this ancient time, this was recognised as the end of the land before the discovery of the New World. Relive the steps of thousands before you and take in the views of the many who witnessed the same landscape and vistas.

A gourmet Galician lunch will satisfy your appetite with world-class seafood, stunning Albariño dry white wines from the region, and the friendly, welcoming people of the region.

A full-day experience you will never forget.


Follow the Vermouth Route in Madrid

The Spanish Vermouth drink you can not miss in Madrid

Every Madrileño knows that the key to a great start on the weekend is the perfect vermouth before midday.

That may sound eyebrow-raising for some, but trust us when we say that it’s the perfect set-up for a leisurely day in the capital city, or anywhere in Spain really.

Vermouth, known as 'vermut' in Spanish, is the aperitif of choice that whets the appetite and bridges the gap between breakfast and lunch.

Speaking of lunch, it tends to be later than most North American and European countries.

So sip and savour the sweet, rewarding flavour of the best vermouths while on a walking tour to three of the best bars that know what makes this beverage great.

Along the way, a knowledgeable guide will detail the history, artisanal production, and tasting notes for this drink so you can appreciate the nuances between varieties.

Don’t worry, you won’t end up legless on the Vermouth Route! Beautifully prepared tapas will keep hunger at bay at each of your three stops on your journey.

Vermouth may just end up becoming a tradition you take home with you.


Valencia with 2* Michelin dining at ‘El Poblet’ and two 5 * nights hotel stay

Spanish Michelin dining in El Poblet, Valencia

Anyone who is anyone in Valencia knows about El Poblet.

This 2* Michelin restaurant doesn’t need any introduction for foodies who love classic, legendary dishes and the ultimate in the Valencian culinary arts.

Why not combine a two-night stay at the 5*Las Arenas hotel and indulge in the spa, gastronomic delights and exquisite luxury of all that Valencia has to offer?

It would be difficult to imagine a setting as lovely as this where you have the ultimate in a luxury stay combined with the Michelin 2* dining at your disposal.

With a connection by high-speed train to Madrid in only 95 minutes, you can have a seaside getaway while on holiday to the capital and get to experience the best of both worlds on your holiday.

Direct access to the beach and seaside views will complete your excursion and would make a perfect accompaniment to a trip to Madrid, or even Barcelona.


Majorca: Discover Balearic Wines while Hot Air Ballooning

Mallorca winery visit tour while Hot Air Ballooning

Nothing at Gastro Cult is basic. While many visitors are aware of the wines of La Rioja, Ribero del Duero, and Galicia, there are many more wineries that have acquired accolades deserving our attention.

One of these is on the Balearic Island of Majorca.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to take a hot air balloon at sunrise and experience the warm glow of golden hues over the landscape in an area famed for its natural beauty, this is your chance to have it all.

In the village of Santa Margarita, you will land after a short balloon flight to discover the Majorcan winery Rota des Cavallers.

History will abound as you learn about how the family deliver a personal touch into every bottle and craft it to perfection.

A spectacular lunch of gourmet proportions will tantalise your taste buds, whetting your appetite for the numerous wine tastings on offer.

With a fully private vehicle at your beck and call for the day, a gastronomical wow factor, and the education of winemaking this is an experience hard to miss.


For Rolls Royce lovers in Basque Country

Visit the major collection of Rolls Royce in Europe

Spain is well known for its love of all things motorcycle thanks to its rich history in the Moto GP classes of professional racing.

With the success of Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz, other motorsports like Formula 1 and Rally have gained popularity.

If you’re a petrolhead who likes a taste for the finer things in life a day trip to see the only complete collection of Rolls Royce cars in Europe dating from 1910 - 1990 should surely be on your radar.

The Basque Country is steeped in heritage and culture, with a language all their own and a uniquely positioned territory that technically sits mostly in Spain and then has a smaller proportion in France.

Widely recognised for their inimitable foods that are impossible not to enjoy, this would be a trip that combines a love for luxury motoring and the wondrous ‘pintxos’ that form a part of the everyday social scene in the Basque Region.

Pinxtos are delectable bite-sized morsels of food, like tapas, but they truly set the bar high in this province! Miss out on the glorious Basque pintxos washed down with the local regionally produced cider at your peril!


Spain & Portugal: Discover the Iberian Peninsula with a trip to Porto

Gastro Cult: Gastronomy and cultural visit to Porto

If you’ve already experienced the most Northwestern corner of Spain, it’s not hard to make the most of where you are and explore a touch of Portugal.

Completely surrounded by Spain and the ocean, Portugal is the magical west coast of the Iberian Peninsula that should not be missed if you’re already in the area.

This one-day excursion provides you with a private driver for the day and guide who will take you to visit the city of Porto from Santiago de Compostela.

The love of Port is abundant in this, one of the oldest cities of Portugal, and it’s yours to discover.

This excursion is enhanced with a private tour of a Porto winery, with tastings and Portuguese nibbles akin to tapas known as ‘pesticos’ while you enjoy a cruise on the river that will touch the classic ‘six bridges’ of the region and offering outstanding views of this famous city.


Barcelona: For the fashionista in all of us

Barcelona with Style: Local Fashion Shopping

If you were ever in doubt of the Spanish love for all things fashion, you won’t make that mistake again.

The Spanish think very highly of looking good, all the time, no matter the day of the week.

Fashion isn’t just for the Italians in the Mediterranean! Headed to Barcelona? Take the local fashion shopping tour that will bring all of the designer fashion houses to your fingertips on an exclusive tour that will lead you door-to-door so you can plan your shopping spree and shop until you drop.

Everything from high-end fashion brands like Loewe, Carolina Herrera, Prada, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton could be on your agenda.

If you prefer to snap up some high street deals your personal guide will show you the way to finding wonderful unique, locally made pieces that are sure to be a conversation piece on your return home.

Whether its clothes, superb shoes, exquisitely crafted leather handbags, or items from la perfumería, you will find what you’re looking for on this guided tour.


Asturias: Fall in love with the Picos de Europa

Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain

The highest peaks in Spain are found in Los Picos, a stunningly rugged mountain range that runs along the equally rugged north coast dotted with eye-wateringly beautiful beaches adjacent to the green mountains.

Astoundingly green, lush mountainous vegetation sits alongside pristine beaches of the cool, crisp waters of the Bay of Biscay.

Is it any wonder this area of mountains that falls into the neighbouring provinces of Asturias and Léon are where the well-to-do Madrileños retreat to every summer when the weather is sweltering in the capital? If you love the outdoors, this is a must-see. Forget about your preconceptions of Spain as a dry, arid country with dusty landscapes and open spaces.

Sure, that exists too, but many who come to the north are shocked by the wild mountain ranges of plush green and the crystal clear beaches that will refresh whatever the summer weather.

A cable car will take you to new heights to enjoy the most amazing ‘miradors’ or viewing stations to see what makes this National Park so exceptionally special.


San Fermin Festival at dawn in Pamplona

San Fermines in Pamplona, Spain

There is one thing associated with Pamplona that is known around the world (well, except those who know their widely appreciated chorizo).

That’s to do with a whole lot of bulls and an equal amount of fervent running at the same time.

An ancient tradition that has to be experienced in person to truly appreciate it, the annual Running of the Bulls festivity is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

If it’s an adrenaline rush you’re after, this is the excursion for you.

Witness the spectacle from a VIP private balcony so close to the bulls you will feel swept away, but we recommend you don’t get swept up in the rush and try to join the scurry!

These rare viewpoints are few and far between so if you get the chance to be there, this is exclusivity indeed.

Following the run, you will have a luxurious Spanish breakfast and the opportunity to watch the run all over again with an expert who will provide you with all of the details you wouldn’t normally know about and may have missed.

After your exhilarating morning, a walking tour (no bulls nearby) is included for you to experience some history and take in the sights.

Alicante: Wellness Retreat and Gastronomy

Wellness Retreat and Gastronomy, Alicante

Situated on the Costa Blanca in beautiful Alicante the Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa will welcome you to a world of total relaxation and gastronomic delights.

Whether you choose to stay 3 days or 8 days, this experience will revitalise, recharge your batteries, and leave you refreshed and nourished by the best Asian culinary delights.

Carefree days will abound when you partake in the spa treatment programs that will slowly erase the nerve-frazzling day to day rigours of a fast-paced lifestyle.

More than just a getaway, this is the chance to experience the wonders of Asian flavours and relaxation techniques in an exceptionally private setting that is built around exclusivity.

Don’t be surprised if you see some famous faces within this retreat as it is renowned for its discretion and top-notch services.


Seville: The Art of the Spanish Dancing Horses of Jerez

Seville: The Art of the Spanish Dancing Horses of Jerez

If you’re visiting Seville, the legendary Andalusian city with bags of history to spare, consider taking a day to Jerez.

Jerez is the home of sherry and the breathtaking Andalusian horses native to this region.

With a completely private guide, you can tour the city, visit a sherry winery and enjoy a plethora of delicious tapas to delight your palate.

For the equestrian cognoscenti, Andalusian horses are a purebred wonder that are unlike any other.

With their warmblooded tempers and a fiercely proud carriage, Andalusians are fiery and passionate horses that demand attention and admiration.

Learn how they move and are trained in the classical equestrian art of dressage whittle watching a moving display by the best Spanish riders.

Your day will be enhanced by the sherry tastings and local tapas along with a viewing of a world-class Picasso collection in a bodega.

This excursion is truly an art, gastronomy, and cultural experience blended into a single heady mix for your enjoyment.

An unforgettable day out not to be missed.


If these 11 unique excursions haven’t piqued your interest, rest assured, Gastro Cult has a myriad of experiences to offer that will suit your tastes.

Now is the best time ever to get off the beaten path, head away from the typical tourist trails, and make the most of bespoke experiences unlike any other in the industry.

We’ve got everything you need to make your next visit to Spain ‘increíble’.

But don’t take our word for it.

Experience it for yourself and embrace the individual attention to detail Gastro Cult have to offer.

We are the best-kept secret for luxury in Spain.