10 Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

4 minutes


Want to make the most of the holidays, without the avoidable waste that is often generated this time of year?

However, there are several simple ways to make the holidays a little less wasteful.

Check out our top 10 tips for a waste-free Christmas:

       1. Buy secondhand

Visit thrift stores to find unique and long-lasting gifts. It may be an antique store that establishes a higher sentimental value.

      2. Create memories

To make the gift unforgettable, opt for an experience, such as a weekend getaway, a fancy meal, a hot air balloon ride or a spa day, instead of material things. Visit our experiences and fall in love with them.

      3. Add a personal touch

Tailor the wrapping paper according to personality and add a touch to your gifts. Wrap your fashionable friend's gift with an old copy of Vogue, for example, or reuse old comics to wrap the kids' Christmas presents.

      4. Make things last

Reduce paper waste by sending e-cards or buying cards made from recycled paper. You can even give your gift experience with Voucher Online vouchers.

      5. Add value

Give someone the gift that keeps on giving. Memberships or courses, such as sewing, upholstery or bicycle maintenance, give people the opportunity to develop a skill, as well as enjoy a hobby or passion.

      6. Resend it

Have you received a gift you don't need but don't want to ask for a receipt? Return it for an exchange, give it away if someone else would like it, sell it online or feel good about donating it to charity.

      7. Mix and match and conquer

Have fun, save money and get a gift you really want with a Secret Santa among friends and family. Put the names in a hat along with a hint of what you'd like.

       8. Do it yourself

Get creative and give someone a unique gift. Do you like to cook? Cakes, jams and chutneys can be useful and thoughtful gifts, as well as reducing food waste.

      9. Shop smart

Plan your meals before you go shopping. Writing a list ensures you don't overbuy, saves you money and avoids food waste.

       10. Go green

Opt for solar-powered outdoor lights whenever possible and remember to turn off Christmas lights when you're out or in bed.