Spanish Omelette, An Icon In Our Gastronomy

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The Spanish omelette is one of the most popular bites in our country. Consumed in every single home, it is the most requested tapa in bars and restaurants all over Spain.


The origin of the potato omelette, one of the most typical Spanish dishes, dates back to 1798. According to some studies, our famous omelette was born in a small town located in Badajoz, Extremadura, called Villanueva de la Serena.


Its inhabitants discovered this delicious recipe looking for a cheap and simple meal because it was a time characterized by poverty and famine. Although its origin was humble, today the potato omelette is nowadays one of the tastiest and most characteristic dishes of Spanish gastronomy.




The ingredients of the “Tortilla de patata” are very basic:


- Eggs

- Potatoes

- Salt


Seems simple, doesn't it? Well, the 'real' potato omelette recipe has Spain divided in two, those who say it's with onions, and those who don't. Either way, it's delicious.


To cook it, first beat the eggs and cut and fry the potatoes (and add the light onion). Once this is done, the potatoes are dipped in the egg... and pan-fried. You just have to get it turned over and it's done.


Different Types

Although the original recipe consists of

potato, egg and onion we can add many ingredients to the omelette, creating various type:


- peppers

- chorizo

- ham

- cheese

- vegetables



When we eat it

We Spaniards eat tortillas all the time. In the north it is very typical to have it for breakfast in a pintxo, but you can also have it as an aperitif before lunch, or have it for dinner accompanied by a good wine.

Where we eat it

If you're visiting Madrid you shouldn't leave without trying it. You can find it in many places here we suggest some:


La Penela, which offers the recipe of Betanzos, characterized by being as good as little curd.


La Ardosa, centenary tavern that is one of the classics of Madrid.


Casa Dani, at Mercado de la Paz in the Salamanca district. One of the most beautiful ones in Madrid and one of the best tortillas you can ever try.