Tapas And Its History

4 minutes


Tapas deserve a special mention within spanish gastronomy. It is not just a type of dish but a different way of understanding gastronomy and enjoying it while socializing.

Its origin goes back centuries when in the taverns they covered the wine with a slice of bread or ham so that dust or flies did not enter.

According to legend, King Alfonso XIII, visiting Cadiz, stopped at a tavern near the coast to have a glass of wine. It was a very windy day and the tavern keeper put a slice of ham in the glass as a cover so that the sand on the beach did not get in. The King liked the ingenious idea and from then on both the monarch and the rest of the members of the court began to ask for 'wine with a lid'.

Although in its origin, tapas were an appetizer before the main meal, nowadays they are the main meal itself.

Tapas are one of the most appealing features in Spain. Trying a wide selection of beverages, tasting different types of food, talking, socializing... in short, enjoying around the food has become a must if you are visiting our country.