Top Spanish Wine Tours to Try - From Budget to Luxury

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What makes the wine of Spain so special? Is it because Spanish reds and whites are usually fresh, flavorful wines that pair well with all sorts of dishes? Or is it because there are different regions to discover unique tastes and blends all across Spain?

From Rioja Alavesa, Bierzo, Penedes to Jumilla; wine tours in Spain are always an incredible experience. Spain is one of the world's top 10 producers of both red and white wines. The consensus among most wine travelers is that Spain has some excellent wines to offer – especially with its new generation of winemakers.

Spanish wine regions offer just this sort of escape for those who want to get away from the crowds and touristy locales. While international names like Torres, Vega Sicilia, and Codorniu are widely known, these tours usually focus on smaller family-run wineries more interested in producing premium wines than emulating big-name brands.

A Look at Spain's Different Wine Regions

As the world's 5th largest producer of wine, it should come as no surprise that Spanish winemakers usually produce world-class red and white wines. Grapes are grown throughout Spain, with some different styles depending on where you go. Touring Spanish wine regions can help to understand their unique character - from crisp light whites to full-bodied reds or a blend of both; there is something out there for everyone.

Wines from areas like the Basque country are generally softer and rounder, thanks to its coastal location. However, wines grown here are usually loaded with fruit flavor and acidity that balance each other out.

Spanish wines from Castilla (in the center of Spain) have a more earthy character due to their central location and varying micro-climates. Here, wineries will allow their reds to age longer in barrels (usually oak ones). This results in a fuller body wine, one that will pair well with Spanish cuisine. The best time to visit is probably the fall or winter months, as summer heatwaves tend to dry out grapes quickly - killing them before harvest time arrives.

Tastings at several different wineries are highly encouraged since each region has unique soil types, climate conditions, grape varietals, etc. Spain is also noted for Tempranillo or Tinto Fino (a kind of stewed dark red), Garnacha (usually known as Grenache in other countries), and the aromatic Viura grape.

La Rioja is famous for its red wines - with some excellent wineries like Vega Sicilia, Lopez de Heredia, and the Alion family leading the way. However, La Rioja is not the only region that produces premium quality reds. Bierzo, Toro, Jumilla, Navarra, La Mancha are also capable of stunning high-level red wine production.


The Top Spain Wine Tours for Any Budget

If you are ready to see Spain through the rosy tint of a wine glass, now is the time to do it. Here is our list of the top-rated Spanish wine tours suitable for any traveler:

Pagos del Rey Wine Museum 

The stunning Abadia Retuerta is the perfect resort for any wine enthusiast, and it is a must-see stop for all Ribera Del Duero wine tours. It was originally a historic monastery with roots dating back to the 12th century. It has since been brought back to life as a luxurious and intimate hotel set amongst the beautiful lands that monks have cultivated for centuries. 

Today's generation is being reintroduced to winemaking at this ancient estate thanks to Novartis' Bodega Abadía Retuerta and their Le Domaine branch, which began operations back in 1988. This tour lets you taste your way through the wonderfully beautiful and complex craft of winemaking.

Price: 120€

Rating: 4.4 Stars

Explore the Royal Wine Cellars in Aranjuez

This tour will take you through the town of Aranjuez, a historic and regal Spanish landmark located on the Tagus River. This area is rich in both culture and history - from water sports to wine tasting. UNESCO has classified the Royal Palace as part of Aranjuez’s World Heritage Cultural Landscape. It was originally established as a vacation retreat for royalty and today guests are given a glimpse into how Spanish Royalty lived. A private guide will show guests around King Charles III's 18th-century winery (belonging to the Spanish Royal Crown) before taking them for some delicious wine tastings with local cheeses that are perfect when paired together. After an exciting day of touring the area, your guide will take you to Castilian cuisine for an assortment of dishes and local wines.

Price: 180€

Rating: 4.7 Stars

Madrid Wine Experience – Take A Step Back Into Time In Toledo

On this unforgettable day trip, you will be driven by a private chauffeur to Toledo, which is located just a short distance from Madrid. Here you can take a step back in time and imagine what it was like to live in ancient times. Buildings that are centuries old line the streets in this picturesque town, including the Cathedral of Toledo, the Church of San Tome, and the Synagogue of Sta. Maria la Blanca. You will explore all this and more with your own private guide. The area is rich in cultural history, so much so that in 1986 Toledo was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Of course, no trip to Toledo would be complete without a stop at their vineyards. Their knowledgeable staff will take you on a tour through their winery and provide you with an overview of their history. The stop will be topped off by a wine tasting, that is expertly paired with tapas. 

Price: 300

Rating: 4.9

La Rioja Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture

La Rioja is well known for its vineyards and wines, so much so that it is home to the Vivanco Museum of Culture. The museum provides guests with an in-depth look at all things wine related. Here you can learn about the history and traditions of wine consumption and production, as well as see many amazing pieces of art and historical artifacts. The museum even has a unique display of corkscrews! You can also take a tour of the museum’s wine cellar. A visit to “Museo Vivanco” is sure to be a highlight for any wine lover. Also included on your trip to this amazing region in Spain, you will meet wine experts and taste the best of La Rioja's wines, all while touring one of the world's most beautiful regions.  

With options for either single-day or 2–3-day packages, you will be able to experience the beautiful landscapes of wine estates, taste some delicious appetizers, and learn about how wines are made from your personal guide at the vineyard. 

The experience of Rioja wines is one that will not soon be forgotten.

Price: 480€

Rating: 4.7 Stars


Galician Gourmet Excursion: Wine and Seafood

You will be provided with a private driver to escort you on this full-day adventure. They will be at your disposal for 8 hours and can show you all the beauty of Galicia with its people, natural landscapes, and fascinating culture. Your guide will take you around on an exciting journey that ranges from green mountains to blue seascapes while revealing different aspects of this region's nature-blended character. You will learn about the region’s local family-produced wine, affectionally known as “Albarino” The highlight of this excursion will likely be lunch in Sanxenxo, a favorite vacationing spot of old royalty. Here you can indulge in a meal of delicious shellfish, complimented by the local Albarino.    

Price: 918€

Rating: 4.9 Stars

Visit Porto And Explore The Iberian Peninsula 

Although not in Spain, many top Spain Wine Tours may cross over the border to Portugal and include a stop in Porto. Porto is a city with an old and cherished culture. When your private guide drives you up to this magical place, the sight of its cobblestone streets will stir something deep within you. This fascinating destination offers many opportunities for discovery, such as architecture from ancient times or live music in one of their charming restaurants where they serve exquisite local dishes.

Porto is a cultural hotspot of Portugal, with its many bars and restaurants. The city's port wine industry has made it wealthy for centuries resulting in the development of Porto we see today - dotted with some genuinely incredible buildings like Grahams, which offers tastings to visitors as well. 

With this Douro wine tour, you will also get a chance to enjoy one stunning view after another on board 'the six bridges' river cruise along the Douro River, where there are countless sights, including cathedrals such as Matriz Church which features unique tiles covered by gold dust all around inside.

Price: 971€

Rating: 4.9 Stars


Majorca Hot Air Ballooning and Winery Discovery

Ride through the countryside on a balloon while touring one of Spain's finest vineyards. Enjoy this magical combo, which includes taking flight in an enormous hot air balloon and visiting the Santa Margarita Winery for some wine tasting after your tour.

You are sure to savor exquisite local delicacies and the best wines from the Rota des Cavallers winery. Here you will have a chance to explore their award-winning wine cellar located in an impressive old structure, with its own vineyard nestled below it on terraced slopes of vines overlooking beautiful views of the nearby village.

Price: 1,000€

Rating: 4.9 Stars

Barcelona Priorat

Experience the ultimate for any wine lover with this private 8-hour tour of Priorat. 

You will be pampered with a luxury chauffeured vehicle, as you take in the dramatic mountain views and visit the charming villages of Priorat. The magnificence of the scenery is rivaled only by the quality of their wine, this area is well known for its superb wine. It has even been awarded as a DOQ destination, which is the highest rating for wine in Spain. Only a select few have received this honor and it is a true testament to the quality of wine produced in the region.  

Priorat is an attractive wine-producing area in Catalonia that has seen a resurgence after being abandoned for decades. Located near the border with France, Priorat produces bold red wines that will be explored during this tour.

A traditional and hearty meal awaits you at the end of your wine tour. Starting with a platter of shared appetizers, followed by the main course, and ending with dessert - it is an authentic regional experience that will leave you feeling well-fed but not overly full.

Price: 1,312€

Rating: 4.9 Stars

Barcelona and Wine: The Classic Tour

The Penedès, one of the oldest viniculture regions in Europe and home to some of the world's best wines (including Cava) features a chauffeured luxury private vehicle available throughout your 8-hour tour. 

During an overview highlighting grapes grown and varieties produced here, you will also meet with local chefs who will share unique dishes paired with good quality Penedés wines. Begin your authentic regional meal platter featuring shared appetizers followed by the main course and culminating in a delicious dessert offering.

You will visit three outstanding but incredibly unique wineries. At each one, you will tour both the vineyards and facilities while learning all about how they cultivate their wines. Of course, you can expect to be offered some of their famous wine during your wine tasting experience too.

One winery has been in operation for over 100 years with a vast volume that produces internationally acclaimed wines - and it is fascinating to gain an understanding of how production has changed over time there. Another family-run traditional winery provides an intimate environment where you will get to enjoy more personal touches throughout your tour and hospitality from knowledgeable staff, who make sure everything goes smoothly every step along the way.

Price: 1,137€

Rating: 4.9 Stars 


Pamper Yourself with a Spanish Wine Tour

There is no better way to experience Spanish wine than in the country where it was born. With so many top-rated and popular tours available, you cannot go wrong with your decision. Whether you are looking for a small group tour or a more personalized option, the tour packages in this article have something for everyone.  Gastro Cult is the choice for all your Spanish vacationing needs. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your holiday planning process and turn your dreams into reality. Make sure that your next vacation is everything you want is to be with Gastro Cult.