7 ideas for a perfect weekend in Madrid for tourists

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Madrid is one of the most touristic cities in Spain and it is so not only for being the capital of this but for its beauty and majesty, as well as the wide variety of plans that can be found.

If we must talk about this city it is necessary to clarify that Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, modern but with baroque charm; It is also chosen as a favorite destination for tourists because the Covid measures are much more lax than in the rest of Spain. That is why we have chosen a different tour to do in a weekend while you get to know the city.


Enjoy a private tour through the most famous streets of Madrid. You can't miss Plaza Mayor, Cibeles, Sol, Puerta de Alcalá or Gran Vía. The private guide will take you to discover the magic of the city, Discover the private walking tour of Madrid https://gastroandcult.com/private-tours-in-spain/Madrid/descubrir-madrid-a-pie-3h-en 

In the evening enjoy a gastronomic tour, you can't leave Madrid without tasting its exquisite tapas. Did you know that there is an exclusive Tapas tour? That's right, in this tour you can visit classic and centenary bars and taverns that have left a legacy in the history of Madrid. Read more about the classic tapas tour https://gastroandcult.com/private-tours-in-spain/Madrid/madrid-tour-de-tapas-cl-sico-3h-en


Brunch Madrileños are all the rage. That's why we propose you to take the morning off and discover the great gastronomic offer of the city. Not only will you be surrounded by Madrileño atmosphere, but you will feel in an idyllic moment of relaxation. In addition, you can always do it in a place of high standard and with the most beautiful views of Madrid. Enjoy a varied, fresh and appetizing menu, because a morning with Mimosa and eggs benedict is always good. If you are going to enjoy this city, let it be in style. 

After your morning and so you don't get annoyed, how about an electric tuk tuk tuk ride - a total blast! Fun and comfortable, that's how this tour is, plus it has become the preferred transport of tourists, as it draws the attention of all eyes as it passes by. You can travel for miles from the comfort while you know some secrets and emblematic places of Madrid. The best ride in the city without a doubt.

Did you know that in Madrid you can find the best stores? That's right, you can enjoy an afternoon of shopping to bring gifts for your family or friends, or even better buy what you want for yourself. So take the afternoon off for shopping in La Gran Via, Serrano Street, Shopping Centers or in Las Rozas Village. Which one do you fancy the most? A secret: if privacy is your thing you can always book the services of a Personal Shopper and visit certain stores that will be open just for you. That's how cool Madrid is!


There's a typical route for Madrileños every Sunday, and it's one that if you come to Madrid you can't miss, even less on the last day of your visit. So we will start the day early and arrive at El Rastro, where for decades hundreds of stalls have gathered to sell all kinds of objects in flea market style along the street. Second hand clothes, paintings of all kinds, buying and selling of comics and stickers, antiques and countless objects populate this colorful scene of daily life in Madrid. Before the market collapses with thousands of visitors, we escape through the side streets in search of culinary adventures: will you dare to try the typical Madrid snails and other typical Spanish dishes? What about gallinejas, entresijos or sesos? Madrid is famous for the quality of its casquería, but if that's not your thing, you can always go for the traditional bocadillo de calamares, which in Madrid is an art!

Fancy a trip to Madrid? Download our detailed guide to better plan your schedule.